Emotionally Letting Go Of Your House Isn’t An Easy Thing To Do. Here Are Ways to Help You Transition

Emotionally letting go of your home is not an easy thing to do. In fact, its much easier said than done. It’s easy for people to remind you that it’s a business transaction, and to take your feelings out of it. But, the fact is, homes are very sentimental to all of us. Here are some ways that you can ease into letting go of your home emotionally throughout the selling process. Read: 15 Reasons Why Homeowners Sell Their House.

Take your time. If you don’t have to move quickly, don’t. If your agent is pushing you to list by next Friday, that’s his or her agenda not yours. Work to your own plan and only list when you and your house are ready. If you start the process of selling your home and then realize it is too painful, wait a little longer. 

Get help from family and friends. Sometimes it is too difficult to pack up all the memories alone. Putting away photographs, removing clothes, packing up children’s items, packing up holiday decorations. It can be very disheartening, as all of your memories lie in the house. See: Moving Grief: How to Feel the Loss, Celebrate the Gains.

Get outside help. A home stager is a great place to start. They can provide an objective pair of eyes and practical help and advice. They will keep you on track and support you through the process. Don’t be embarrassed to go talk to someone. It’s okay. 

Accept that moving on doesn’t negate the past. Take pictures of your house, rooms and special possessions. Write down your memories of the house too. Put everything in a memory box and pack it away for your next home. Even if it seems upsetting to do that right now, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Ask yourself “What will the house sale give me or enable me to do?” Perhaps now you have the money to travel as you always wanted to, or to buy a house in a new city you have always wanted to.

Think and talk in chapters. This property was one chapter. There have been many, and there’ll be more. Look forward to the next chapter of your life. However, if you still really aren’t ready, wait. For further reading, see: Three Ways to Emotionally Detach From Your House

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  1. Try to focus on the future, and imagine the wonderful memories you’ll have in a new home. Think about the excitement that change can bring. Listen to your real estate agent’s advice; that’s why you hired them.

    If you find that you can’t do any of these, then wait until you’re ready. In the long run, the most important thing is that you put your absolute best foot forward when you list your home, even if it means waiting months or even a year until you’re ready. It will be in your best interests financially.

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